The middle is our weekly hangout for middle school students from 6th through 8th grade.  These nights include fun, teaching, small groups, and food.
Our goal is to create a fun, safe environment for students to become more and more like Jesus.
We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm upstairs in the Rock.  Game room and cafe open at 5:30pm.
This year our teaching focus is Knowing God.
HouseGroups are our weekly gathering for students 9th-12th grade. These nights are filled with team building, large group teaching, small groups, and of course food.

HouseGroups are deigned to be an authentic environment for intentional relationships and meaningful conversations.
Our staff has a genuine desire to equip high school students to become more and more like Jesus.
This year our teaching scope is understanding who I am. (Identity)
HouseGroups meet Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Doors open at 6:45pm.
Sept/Oct HouseGroups location: 724 Sunrise Blvd, Waterloo
We believe that understanding the Bible and Biblical engagement is a big deal. DIVE DEEPER gives students an opportunity to really dive deeper into the Scriptures. 
DIVE DEEPER  engages 6th through 12th grade students each Sunday morning at 9:15am upstairs in the student cafe’.
ONEnight is a bi-monthly opportunity for our students to gather together for corporate worship and teaching. 
ONEnight will meet on the following dates.
– October 16th, 2019
– December 18th, 2019
– February 19th, 2020
– April 15th, 2020
ONEnight will feature a live worship band and special guest speakers from our community. And of course FOOD!!

Ministry Calendar